Posted by: cmani2010 | July 18, 2005

Its good to be a techie in Bangalore

I work in a group, which interacts with different partners, to promote Sun technologies. Last week, I went to a well known Bangalore based IT company (which was in the news recently over a resignation). After finishing up our work, when I come out, I saw a truck standing outside this company, with a billboard advertising various job opportunities for a “big” MNC. Similarly, right opposite another Bangalore based IT company, there is a huge hoarding advertising jobs at Google. It sure looks like, for the people with the right skills, the jobs are literally chasing you. Having come back to India, after a gap of 6 years, this is a sea change from the job market in 2000 !!



  1. Bangalore is Happenin place … if only the infrastruture problems gets solved , it will be good for all of the techie’s

  2. Bangalore city and its surrounding are militarily highly sensiteve area. Though it looks good to see the perfect images of Bangalore on this wbsite. It is really astonishing how to see its perfectness. It is high time that the Government of India wakes up and blocks this web site. Hope the Government is listning and not sleeping.

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