Posted by: cmani2010 | July 31, 2005


I saw a movie called “the island” over the weekend. To be frank, my initial choice was spielberg’s “war of the world’s” movie. Unfortunately, for the second time, I had to come back empty handed due to a houseful show at PVR multiplex. The best strategy to book tickets at PVR is to either book it over the internet or via the phone.
Now about the island, my assessment is, its a good movie. When I saw the initial credits, that it was a michael bay movie, my heart sank (memories of armageddon, rock and other jingoistic movies). Its a good futuristic movie, beautiful photography, believable story and good acting from both Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson. Its a movie set in 2050, when we humans have mastered the art of cloning humans and … (well, see the movie yourself !!). Its good, believe me 🙂
One more thing, you can get the movie schedules in Bangalore at this site (for now !!).
Now for the funny part. When me and my cousin were returning home after the movie, it was kind of late around 10:45 PM. In Bangalore, the Police are cracking down on drunken driving and poor Bangaore police, they do not have that many breath analysers. So in my case, the cop looked at me, and signalled I had to pull down the windshield. I did, and then to detect the alcohol in my breath, he did some social talking in Kannada !! When he was finished and satisfied that I did not smell of alchohol, he went away. I was kind of happy with this, Bangalore has way too many bars and pubs !! These kind of checks should atleast catch a few percentage of the drunks. My advice to the Bangalore police, please invest in a few breath analysers.



  1. Online booking of the tickets is sure a better chioice to avoid disapointments after fussy drive.
    The Island is a ok kind a movie i guess, but do you think our insurance policies will be as in movie ??? will it happen in future ??
    like “Mani Echo Six” or “Mani Two Delta” ha ha ha 🙂
    As for the “The Breath Analysers” I second you. Checking will reduce the accidents due to drink and drive also make driving home safe.

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