Posted by: cmani2010 | October 6, 2005

Google earth

One of the biggest sins of any blogs, is not updating them regularly 🙂 I have been guilty of it. One of the changes, I noticed, after being away from my home town for a gap of 6 years between 1999 and 2004, are the number of flyovers in Bangalore. Of course, this is nothing surprising, if you have been to the West or even Beijing, flyovers in Bangalore are a new trend. The most elaborate flyover in Bangalore, to my mind, is the Hebbal flyover. This is pretty good, and seems to serve its purpose (unlike the useless flyover in the Richmond circle near the Sun India offices). So, the moment, I hear about Google earth , I download it and guess what do I look? Of course, its the Hebbal flyover. It took sometime to spot it, but here it is folks:

On the left is the Hebbal lake, the road to the right of the spiral is the Outer ring road, which goes towards Banaswadi, Hennur etc. The left side of the road, goes towards Tumkur etc. The road in the middle is Bellary road. Our house is located down south of the bellary road, and one of these days, i hope to get a picture of it. If somebody manages to get a shot of the UAS campus, please let me know the coordinates. Another side effect of this google earth, is that Newspapers have reported that it has unmasked all our(Indian) defence installations. My personal belief is, that Government should approach Google, and block these vital sites, just like other countries have done.


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