Posted by: cmani2010 | November 18, 2005

OpenSolaris-Glassfish-Netbeans at FOSS.IN in Bangalore on 29th of November to 2nd of December, 2005


The premier open source event in India, FOSS.IN is being held between 29th of November to 2nd of December, 2005 in Bangalore. Sun and OpenSolaris are going to be featured in a big way, and the speaker lineup is pretty impressive, as these are people who actually look at Solaris code day in and day out. There are also talks from Sun engineers about our other open source projects, like our app server Glassfish. Please register yourself and have fun.
There is also a opensolaris “liveCD” version called Belenix available for download.
On a side note, long long ago, when I was not working at Sun (probably 1997/98), I attended a jampacked Java users group, in Bangalore. We definitely need to restart these Java users groups, to give techies, real-pure java knowledge, free of marketing masala !! (they may still exist, sorry I am not aware of it in Bangalore)
Update: Our group, and myself, will also be participating at, we will demo’ing Netbeans and other tools.


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