Posted by: cmani2010 | February 5, 2006

Bryan Adams live in Bangalore

I attended the Bryan adam’s concert in Bangalore yesterday (Sunday night) at Palace grounds. It was good, tickets were priced arond Rs 1200 and Rs 800. With the 1200 Rs ticket, I could stand close to the stage. The opening act was done by a Indian rock band, not sure about the name, but they were ok. To be honest, my interest in music is not that great. I do like some songs, but the lyrics of most songs escape me. So, when people were singing along with Bryan, I was kind of a passive spectator 😉 There were a lot of middle aged “young at heart but pushing 35+” people in the crowd, who were absolutely ecstatic !! The concert was good, and with concerts in Bangalore (Indian or Western) not that frequent, you gotta grab anything that comes. When he finished singing the numbers I knew like Summer of 69, the Robin hood number and a few other songs, I scooted from the concert to avoid the crazy Bangalore traffic !!


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