Posted by: cmani2010 | February 24, 2006

Sun Portal server 7 Tip #1

The Community features of the Portal server, like wiki, use the Apache Derby database. When you restart the portal server, by starting the Sun Directory server and the web container (like a web server or app server), the database will not get started. Wiki and other community features will not show up. To start and stop the Derby database, the portal server folks have given a handy ant script.

Start Apache derby:{ant bin directory}/ant -DPS_CONFIG=/etc/opt/SUNWportal/ -buildfile {PortalHome}/opt/SUNWportal/lib/derby.xml start-instance

Stop Apache derby:{ant bin directory}/ant -DPS_CONFIG=/etc/opt/SUNWportal/ -buildfile {PortalHome}/opt/SUNWportal/lib/derby.xml stop-instance

Note: if you are using the Sun application server as the web container, you can also use asant.


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