Posted by: cmani2010 | May 16, 2006

Live from Java one: Netbeans day and Day 1 updates

I am attending Javaone this year, and yes I am lucky to be attending, with all the costcutting etc going on. Here are some updates from what I heard:
Netbeans day: they started the Netbeans day last year, and its been a roaring success this year again. The big news is that the Netbeans enterprise pack 5.5, withg all the SOA goodies, BPEL/XML tools and the collab stuff will be opensourced.

Day 1 keynote: Lots of announcements:
1. jBoss endorsing Netbeans.
2. Java EE 5 spec is final.
3. Sun portal server and Message queue is being open sourced
4. Java studio creator is being open sourced
5. There was cool demo’s around Swing, AJAX etc
Gotta rush, more later. I will post grainy photos from cellphone camera later. Bye


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