Posted by: cmani2010 | May 19, 2006

Java one update

Very sorry, could not do the updates on my blog. Some of the highlights of this years Javaone were (they are in no specific order):

1. AJAX,AJAX and more AJAX: I am suprised a scripting based (Javascript) technology is making a lot of buzz. The “introduction to Ajax” was one of the most jampacked sessions here. There were also talks around Ajax like the blueprints team talks.
2. Java EE 5: Lots of talks around Java EE 5 and how its going to ease up development. Since the spec has been finalized, there was a lot of buzz around annotations, the new persisitence api’s etc.
3. Java ME: Many talks around this theme. What with personal devices shipping at a phenomenal rate, and having oevrtaken PCs, this market is red hot. The latest geek toy, which created a lot of buzz is the Savaje Cellphone which is JSR 209 (advanced UI, Java 2D etc)compliant. There were lines a mile long to buy this phone. I am happy to report that, I managed to buy this phone. Now, I need to sit down and program a few apps !!
4. All these sessions in multimedia format, will be up on the Sun SDN website, and I guess the presentations are already there in PDF.
5. Some Netbeans demo’s were demonstrated. Some of things that I liked are the Maven plugins (you can download the netbeans 5.5 version and use the updated tool to get the Beta updates). I have not used Maven, but it looks great. The Jackpot plugin, from Sun labs, is also very interesting.
6. There was a demo slot car race demonstrated on the final day. This was greate, and participants had to program a small car using Real time Java to go around the track, and negotiate the curves etc. this was great. They also showed a alpha quality Real time version of the Sun App server.
7. There was good concluding note, a top 10 list why its great to be a chairman by Scott and a small film on Scott on the final day. This was fun, and we will miss Scott’s day 1 keynotes.
8. The handson labs were great and packed with attendees. I hope you attended them, and they have been posted at Sang Shin’s website.
I enjoyed the conference, as usual. But giving second preference for Javaone conference pass only attendees for the various sessions was nopt good to my liking. I hope they scrap this from next year. Bye


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