Posted by: cmani2010 | August 14, 2006

Happy Indian Independence Day !!

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Tomorrow (August 15th, 2006), we celebrate our 60th Independence Day. Its a great feeling to remember the sacrifice’s of our Armed forces, forefathers and freedom fighters on this day. The President of India, also addresses the nation today (August 14th), and the way our scientist-president works, the speech has already been posted on the President’s website. One more thing, the president’s web page is serving JSP (Java Server pages) !!

In a selfish way, its also a day where the traffic, the pollution and noise comes down considerably in Bangalore 😉 I am planning to be at home, relax, probably watch the prime minister’s speech on TV. My daughter, will also turn 1 on August 16th, and that event is very eagerly awaited. She is making good progress, and becoming very cranky (in a nice sort of way).

Have a happy Independence day folks, Jai Hind !!



  1. Happy Independence Day …. Jai Hind !
    Also, happy bday to your daughter in advance .. she barely missed 15th august .. or the whole country did be celebrating her bday !

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