Posted by: cmani2010 | September 22, 2006

Moving on

Folks, after a wonderful 5+ years at Sun (and iPlanet), I have decided to pursue opportunities outside of Sun. Its been great working at Sun, the learning and friends I have made at Sun will be something that I will cherish forever. Please keep in touch,

I joined iPlanet as a Netscape badged person in May 2001, after messing around with iPlanet app server 6.0 at a dotcom. The app server was brand new and I was irritated at the app server sometimes, and posted a my review at and got a 100$ cheque as a reward for the review ;-). In Dec 2001, Netscape/AOL, decided to pull out of the alliance and after a few anxious weeks, I became a Sun employee on a wintry-snow flake-filled Dec morning in 2001.

I did several back breaking gigs at several Fortune 100 companies, as a Java/Sun One architect. Each one was unique, and scary. Imagine, being called to a situation where the app server is throwing core’s in production and a “red alert” has been raised. I dont think, I can do these weekly trips now, I am getting old !! I learned a lot in the process, about the customer point of view, their requirements, how to handle these scary situations, broadened my technical horizons. I still remember, for a gig in New York, one the biggest snow storm hit New york. I still made it to New York from Boston. I took a Amtrak to NY, and then walked in the snow with two suitcases to the hotel, as there were no cabs and the streets were filled with 4-5 feet of snow. I was passionate about the products, company and the work. I also made a lot of friends, who taught me a lot of stuff technically. I am also grateful to Sun, for sponsoring my MS at RPI. I could not have afford to do the masters on my own. I loved Boston, and would love to go to Boston any day. I am also grateful for my wife, Gayathry, for keeping her sanity intact when I would disappear for 5 days every week.

I decided to come back to India, join the MDE/Partner engineering group at Sun India, and have spent a nice two years working with ISVs and SIs in Asia south and ANZ. I learnt more Sun middleware products (Identity,Portal and SOA), did a lot of evangelism, integration/porting and tuning work. I feel the time has come for me to move on, focus my skills, pick up some domain knowledge and contribute to real projects/applications. It has been fantastic working at Sun, I will be a fan of Sun, Solaris and Java forever. I am joining a big US based Financial services company next week, and will be based in Bangalore. I hope to keep blogging at Bye for now.

PS: My wife, Gayathry, sent me a link today to generate some “fake” photos online. I love this photograph, and I hope somebody is listening to these folks and make their wish come true 😉



  1. All the best dude. You’ll be missed…

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