Posted by: cmani2010 | May 5, 2008

Community One conference kickoff

The Community One got off to fantastic start. Ian Murdock (of Debian fame, now a Sun employee) gave a good starting keynote. Then there was a panel discussion, of various guys , Sun and non-Sun, of open source communities. Interestingly, this era of participation, people could post questions on twitter @communityone. Finally, Rich Green gave closing comments, with some great demos:

1. website, with the OpenSolaris release. LiveCD is now available OpenSolaris has a new zippy logo !!
2. A fantastic ZFS demo, very fun !! They showed a dell PC running OpenSolaris with lots of commodity disks drives running, off the shelf disks. They then smashed, yes smashed two disk’s, and showed that ZFS managed to keep the data intact. Then, when they add raw unformatted disks back, then these disks are seamlessly added back to the file system. Powerful demo !!
3. The Quick LiveCD disk, and installer
4. The Dtrace demo (had some glitches in the demo), but still very powerful with a round trip demo, debugging Javascript running on Mozilla Firefox 3 (will have Dtrace probes built into it).

I attended a talk by Brian Chan, Chief Architect of Liferay, and was just mesmerized by the speed and pace of his talk (he also seems very young!!). He whizzed past the features of Liferay, at such a pace that he left me breathless. This is a first hand experience of how a small bunch of people can create a fantastic open source open source Portal server. The ease in which, he integrated a Liferay portal with a social community website, like Facebook was so easy. It seems that there is impending announcement with Sun on Wednesday about some partnership with Liferay, stay tuned.

On a different note, How can an organized product development in large companies, with its baggage of “SDLC”, “Reviews”, “PAC’s”, army of developers/testers compete against this model of development ???

Update: Tuesday.
Thanks Abhinav. Unfortunately, have not tried Ubunutu, so cant comment. On a related note, they announced that JDK 6 U 10 was now available on Ubuntu !!



  1. Cool .. Will definitely check it out ( via my USB drive 🙂 ) … how does it stand against Ubuntu ?
    (PS. Opensolaris mispelled)

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