Posted by: cmani2010 | May 6, 2008

Java One – day 1 – kick off !!

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Now, the Java One kicked off in grand style today. Rich Green, did the honors. The theme of this Java One is, Java and YOU !! What it means, is there is a lot of focus on consumer Java and how it is embedded (not as in embedded programming !!) in our daily lives. I have already seen a million demo’s on Java FX by the end of Tuesday evening !! Here are some highlights and links, for some stuff that I thought will be useful :

1. Saw the Amazon Kindle in action. I love books myself, but unfortunately this device may not work in India
The n/w at Moscone, was flaky, shook up a couple of demo’s , including this one, which needed n/w connectivity. Amazon Kindle is Java all the way !!
2. See the keynotes at this link.
3. The free goodies at the Pavilion, were disappointing this year. Picked up a few T shirts, nothing great. Can’t comment, on what they were giving at the Sun stall, as Sun employees are banned from getting them 😦
4. Neil Young, was the featured guest of the day. Don’t ask me who is Neil Young, Google his name (I did the same !!) He has Java-fied his collection of music on his website.
5. Update on new features in upcoming Java 7, check out the Open JDK website.

On a different note, I am trying to pick a Apple iPhone at the Apple retail store in downtown San Francisco, but its getting sold out everyday !!! Is it a scarcity, an artificial scarcity or what?
Gotta go, More later .



  1. You may want to hold out purchasing that iPhone as the new "2.0" version is coming out "soon". Some say as early as June, some say as late as December; but it is coming.

  2. I have come from India, will return on Friday. Not sure I can wait that long for iPhone 2.0 !!

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