Posted by: cmani2010 | May 7, 2008

Java One – day 2

Have been hopping from one event, to another event. Here are some updates frrom some of the talks, I attended:

1. Attended a talk on asynchronous ajax: Async Ajax or Comet or Ajax Push or Reverse Ajax, is a big thing this year at J1. Gtalk, Gmail, are examples of a async ajax., is a async ajax website running on Glassfish. As per the talk, the complet Async support (which supports async I/O, suspendible request/response and elivery guarantee) is best delivered by Glassfish with Grizzly/Comet. of course, I knew that 😉 Servlet 3.0, will add Java EE standard support in Async Ajax. This was a fullhouse session !!

2. Another fullhouse session, was on tools for Java performance. The tools, as per the talk were:
a. OS level tools like Dtrace. If you are scared by the complexity of using Dtrace, try Chime and D-Light. Dtrace is limited to Solaris and Mac OS X
b. JVM tools like jps, jmap, jstack and jinfo.
c. GC Histo is another tool for analysing GC.
d. Visual VM is a new tool on the block, which combines all the Java tools in a single integrated manner. This seems very cool.
e. JConsole is another tool. Netbeans also has a good profiler, advantage of using Netbeans is you can step through code.

3. Social networking: Apache Shindig is a apache incubator project, which enables you to do Social networking. uses Shindig.

4. A talk on doing HDTV stuff using Java on a PC. Java ATSC receiver is the project, the presenter has promised to post code soon at

Two announcements of interest:
1. The Sun app server has undergone a name change, yet again. “Sun Java System Application Server” to “Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server” to more clearly articulate its relationship with GlassFish. There is also an unlimited pricing option for glassfish enterprise server. Please see announcement
Unlimited Pricing for GlassFish Enterprise Server Use
Sun introduced GlassFish Unlimited pricing enabling enterprises to purchase the rights of unlimited GlassFish Enterprise Server use for a flat fee based on the number of employees in the organization. Combined with MySQL Unlimited pricing, the new pricing model makes it easier for customers to purchase two of the leading open source products.
2. Sun and Liferay have announced that they will going jointly to build a new open source based Portal platform. Sun has joined the Liferay Community to develop a common Web presentation platform that incorporates portal and integration technologies from Liferay and from OpenPortal, GlassFish, OpenSSO and other related projects. Please see for the press release, and for the FAQ.
I talked to a Sun portal engineer, the next minor release of Sun Portal server 7.2, is still expected to be released as per schedule (sometime in June, I think), dont quote me on this one !!

I am proctoring a session LAB-4520 bring your laptop hand-on lab, Plugging Glassfish V3 with JSF and Jmaki. basically extending the Glassfish admin console, with your own console. There is a prize going for the best/coolest console. Grab the prize India !!


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