Posted by: cmani2010 | June 5, 2008

Getting started with Sun Messaging server (and Comm’s suite) !!

I have become increasingly involved in proposing solutions around Sun Messaging server (and Comms suite) for various customers, in India . The following are the most commonly requested information, which highlights the attractiveness of Sun Messaging server:

1. Introduction to the product – Product home page and a Sun Comms Suite wiki .
2. TCO – Value proposition for using Sun Messaging server .
3. Sun Messaging server official documentation
4. Partner products for implementing anti-virus, anti-spam
. Another helpful link for implementing Symantec Brightmail with Sun Messaging server and Configuring Cloudmark Anti-Abuse client with Sun Messaging server.
5. Reference customers
6. Archiving and Compliance solution using AXS-One

Updates (June 10th 2008>:
7. Email clients can be Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook (you will need an Outlook connector), basically any Email client which can talk IMAP/POP . Sun Calendar integration with Thunderbird requires the Lightning plugin for Sun Calendar server.
8. Blackberry integration ,Unified messaging (VOIP, Data etc) can be done with partner products

Please also see this blog by Jonathan Hawkins from Sun, for great tips on Sun Comm suite.
I hope to keep this post, as a living, breathing post. Hope this helps !!!



  1. Or you could just sign up for Google Apps –
    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

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