Posted by: cmani2010 | June 9, 2008

Sun Identity Manager 8 released

A landmark event, Sun Identity Manager has been released. The following are the features (as given in the download link):

Sun Identity Manager 8.0 offers expanded Role support, enhanced reporting capabilities, and updated resource adapter support. This update improves upon the industry-leading Identity Manager 7.1 solution with:

# Role Enhancements

  • Role life cycle management allows approvals on Role creates, edits and deletes, and role changes can be applied to all assigned Users.
  • User-to-Role life cycle management improvements support future and temporary Role assignments.
  • Default Role types include Business Roles, IT Roles, Applications, and Assets.
  • Business Roles can contain required, conditional, and optional roles that allow fine tuning of access within the scope of a Business Role.

# Enhanced Reporting with Data Exporter

  • Identity Manager operational data can be available to other processes and applications.
  • Data within Identity Manager can be exported to a customer-managed data warehouse or third-party business intelligence and reporting tool.
  • Exported data can answer historical questions regarding ‘Who had access to a system, and who approved that access?’. It can also show operational behavior over time, such as ‘Provision Operations by Resource’ and ‘Workflow Approval Response Times’.

# Supported Resource Additions and Updates

  • Microsoft Exchange 2007 (New)
  • Microsoft Active Directory Application Mode (ADAM) (New)
  • RSA SecurID 6.1.2 (Updated)
  • Siebel CRM 8.0 (Updated)
  • Oracle E-Business Suite on Oracle Applications 12 (Updated)
  • HP OpenVMS 8.3 (Updated)

# Bug Fixes and Platform Support Updates
For more information about this release, see the Identity Manager 8.0 Release Notes or the Identity Manager documentation set.

General Availability (GA) is scheduled for July 14th. The localized files and documents will be available at that time. Please download and start using it today. Documentation is available at .



  1. Hi Mani – this page renders with a horizontally scroll. This is probably because some of your bullets are in a <pre> or something like that.
    The horizontal scrolling makes the entry quite hard to read, but the content seems interesting. Could you let me know if you fix the problem? I’d like to add apointer to it in a spotlight for IdMgr I’m writing.
    Thanks, – eduard/o

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