Posted by: cmani2010 | June 23, 2008

“Sun’s Niagara 3 will have 16-cores and 16 threads per core” & “Oracle hikes middleware license fees” – Headlines of the day :-)

Two great pieces of information in “The Register”:

  • Sun’s Niagara 3 will have 16-cores and 16 threads per core – 256 thread per socket rocket
    By Ashlee Vance in Santa Clara
    Exclusive Sun Microsystems looks poised to lead the “mainstream” multi-core race for at least a couple more years. By late 2009, the server maker should deliver a third major revision of its Niagara processor which will have 16 cores and an astonishing 16 threads per core, The Register has learned.
    read the rest at
  • Oracle hikes middleware license fees – The spoils of more
    By Gavin Clarke in San Francisco
    Oracle customers are starting to pay the price for its $23bn plus acquisition spree, with licensing hikes across all core middleware products.
    The database giant is hitting users of its databases and application server software with increases of between 15 per cent and 20 per cent in licensing.
    Users of the recently acquired BEA Systems’ WebLogic application server that are hit hardest: a WebLogic Server Enterprise Edition processor license is jacked up 47 per cent. Oracle is also introducing new named-user plus pricing for Enterprise and Standard editions.
    read the rest at

Enjoy Madi !!


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