Posted by: cmani2010 | July 22, 2008

Sun Communication Suite 6 SHIPS!!

Good news. From Jim Parkinson’s blogs

Linked from Jim’s blog …

Software available here

Documentation at:

On July 22nd we announced the availability of Java Communications Suite 6., which includes the new Convergence web client,push e-mail support and a host of other features. These new capabilities and enhancements make Communications Suite 6 an even stronger alternative to Microsoft Exchange, while enabling leading Telco and cable companies to provide their subscribers with seamless new services leading to increase customer growth and delight.

The Sun Java Communications Suite delivers industry leading email, calendaring and real time collaboration functionality for service provider and large organizations worldwide. It provides an extensible, standards-based development platform, offering improved performance, reliability and scalability at a lower TCO.

Communications Suite Components

  • Message access and message management
  • Calendar Service and group scheduling
  • Instant Messaging, Presence and Chat
  • Centralized Address Book


  • Sun Convergence – a complete webclient
  • Outlook Connectivity
  • Mobile Sync

Administration and Configuration

  • Delegated Administration
  • New Communications Suite Installer

What’s New

This Communications Suite release includes many new features, including:

  • Sun Convergence communications client
  • New subscription-based pricing model for point products
  • New Messaging Server features include:
  • Very large mailbox support
  • Message store database rolling backup
  • Additional LEMONADE support for mobile messaging

and more ……

Please come give it a test drive at
Userid : field1 / Password: cosmo

Or to learn more :



  1. looks good 😀

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