Posted by: cmani2010 | July 26, 2008

Terrorists target Bangalore

Terrorists targeted Bangalore yesterday (Friday afternoon) , with multiple bombs in several places. I was, in a team offsite with our team in North bangalore (near the new airport), when the news tickled in. All of them turned out to be crude low intensity blasts, seemed to create panic and terror. We were a little concerned in the initial hours, but resumed our offsite after an hour or so.
My prayers go out to the people, affected by the blasts. As a person born and brought up in Bangalore, Bangalore never had these kinds of events, and was never a haven for terrorists until the last few years. I am a conservative in matters of security, and believe we need to deal with these activities firmly and with a iron fist. We should learn from Israel, on how to deal with Terrorism with an iron hand. Also, Bangaloreans should be on the lookout, for suspicious activities, and we should increase electronic surveillance, in all public areas. No organisation or country, can shake a country like ours, with a billion plus people, a culture millions of years old and having survived invaders for so many centuries. Go Bangalore!!


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