Posted by: cmani2010 | October 23, 2008

Sun Identity Compliance Manager released

Sun Identity Compliance Manager, a cost-effective solution for achieving identity compliance, has been launched. Sun Identity Compliance Manager was created to provide a targeted solution for addressing the compliance issues related to identity and access to systems, applications, and data that are often the leading drivers for companies purchasing Identity Management products.

How Customers Benefit
Customers can address compliance challenges head-on with features that enable them to successfully manage access and entitlements, enforce SoD, track requests, and report status.

  • Access Certification
    • Automates existing processes for certifying the access assigned to user by business managers and application owners
    • Provides a glossary that translates cryptic access permissions into business-friendly terms
    • Sends reminder notices and escalations for aging certifications
    • Policy Enforcements
      • Enables enterprise-level monitoring of access for conflicts in segregation of duties and security policy, such as role-versus-actual exceptions and terminated-users-with-active-accounts exceptions
      • Supports inter- and intra- application security policy enforcement
      • Includes a comprehensive list of best practice segregation of duties controls out of the box
      • Provides complete lifecycle management of a policy violation
      • Offers a mitigating control for violations that are not fixed
      • Enables manager sign-off to be acquired on policy violations
    • Compliance Dashboard
      • Delivers an enterprise view of certification status including outstanding reports and decisions made during a certification
      • Provides an enterprise view of policy exceptions
      • Tracks policy exceptions by type and business unit
      • Provides historical trending analysis for policy exceptions, certification decisions, and role approvals

    So, now within our Identity management suite of products, we have Sun Identity Manager, Sun Role Manager and Sun Identity Compliance manager. Where do you use what? :

    1. Identity Manager : Provides comprehensive user provisioning and identity auditing for efficiently and securely managing identity profiles and permissions across the enterprise and beyond, reducing costs and compliance risk.
    2. Role Manager : A role-based compliance solution that conducts role mining to analyze user access patterns and define roles for managing access to enterprise resources. Streamlines access control and identity compliance by engineering and managing roles.
    3. Sun Identity Compliance Manager : In situations, where you do not need the complete role management, and need only Identity Compliance and you need it quickly, you can use Sun Identity Compliance manager. The features of this product are a subset of Sun Role Manager.
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