Posted by: cmani2010 | November 8, 2008

Top 100 Best Books for Managers, Leaders & Humans

Somebody forwarded me a website/blog, who has compiled a list of Top 100 Best Books for Managers, Leaders & Humans. Its not his rating, but compiled based on Google, Amazon and other sources. I have read quite a few books in this list, seems good .. I just read the top 75 books, but for the others, he is asking for an email id to send a pdf version !! Sorry, I do not give out email ids to unknown people 😉 Personally, I feel this is a good list, but for the fact you need to send an email to get the complete 100.



  1. Seems to me, if you view this list as the top 75 Best books for Managers, Leaders and Humans, you have yourself a bargain!

  2. Mani, since those books are good for humans, your kindness of sharing your ids to an unknown man would also be good for humans.

  3. What if I simply leave a comment on your blog here?
    Now I’m not an unknown person anymore, so you can email me and I’ll send you the complete list. 🙂

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