Posted by: cmani2010 | November 26, 2008

terrorists strike mumbai

Terrorists have struck Mumbai (Bombay) on Wednesday night, the largest and most destructive attack in Indian history. My prayers go out to the brave Mumbaikars and victims of this cowardly act. I fly to Mumbai almost every week, and was there on Tuesday, and I am shocked and angry. The present Indian government has been dilly dallying in its response to terrorism, it should act firmly and with an iron hand. Jai Hind.

From IBN Live



  1. Need to respond .. no more. The cry is loud and clear . no more.

  2. With this horrible incidence fresh, Indian Govt. at diferent state levels can call upon the Muslim relegious leaders to identify among their group and if there is any terrorists group in India it should be notified to the muslim relegious leaders. Under the present democratic system its possible. In such case we can distinguish foreighn sponsered or its local sponsered.
    Indian muslims should not carry the sentiments of foreighn muslims. Because every one lives in a country with the law of land. We cannot be administering the country without transparency in the society.

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