Posted by: cmani2010 | January 11, 2009

Bangalore MG Road – Coffee House set to close

From the Deccan herald article in 2007.
Read in today’s Deccan Herald, about the imminent closure of the legendary Coffee House . I have been going on and off to the Coffee House, since my college days since around 1988-1989. The coffee is fantastic, and it was common in the pre-cellphone days to say, lets meet at Coffee House at 2 pm on Saturday. There is a character to the place, a longing for the Bangalore of olden days, the characters who come to Coffee House, the waiters.
I will miss the place, I was there yesterday night also. I hope it comes back in a new incarnation. Of course, there were shortcomings – hygeine was non-existent, toilets were the worst, don’t even think of drinking the water 😉 But the Coffee, the cutlet, the sandwiches, the fried eggs and toast were the best. I am planning to go there many, many times before it closes, and maybe help some of the waiters financially.
P.S I had blogged about this in 2007, look at that entry



  1. As a side note, it would be good if someone told Deccan Herald journalist there is no 31st of November…

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