Posted by: cmani2010 | January 11, 2009

Try MySQL Enterprise for Free for 30 days

There are several thousand users of the free MySQL community edition, around the world including India. MySQL Enterprise, the paid commercial subscription offering, is available for trial for 30 days. As part of the MySQL Enterprise Trial you will be able to evaluate the MySQL Enterprise Monitor which includes:

  • NEW! MySQL Query Analyzer to improve performance by pinpointing and fixing problem SQL code
  • MySQL Enterprise Monitor to monitor MySQL performance, sessions, connections, and more
  • MySQL Replication Monitor that provides real-time information on master/slave performance and latency issues
  • MySQL Advisors to implement security, performance, replication and administration best practices
  • 120+ Advisor Rules that advise you on optimal settings for 600+ MySQL and OS specific variables

More details can be had at



  1. How does Jonathan’s public commitment to open sourcing Sun software affect the MySQL Enterprise product?

  2. We need to make money, Mikael 😉

  3. In my business I can’t say one thing, do another, and expect to make money.

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