Posted by: cmani2010 | February 7, 2009

Two gotchas to keep in mind when using Jboss and OpenSSO

One of our partners were trying out OpenSSO with Jboss 4.x appl server, to host OpenSSO as well run the J2EE apps. They called us, with the following two issues:

  1. The OpenSSO install goes on fine, in Jboss server. However, the moment we restart JBoss, we need to do the setup again !!
    Ans: This seemed to be a know problem, wherein Jboss seems to reinstal the Opensso.war file and hence the previous OpenSSO-OpenDS configuration is wiped out. The solution as described in this helpful blog, was to create a opensso.war directory under and unzip Opensso. This way, the opensso is not redeployed, when Jboss server is started again.

  2. The OpenSSO opensso agent install goes fine, but after install when we access the the opensso sample app, we get a classpath not found error!!
    Ans: The first thing, I need to say is the OpenSSO 3.0 agent for Jboss seems to be in Beta, so we did not try this at all. We used the OpenSSO 2.2 agent for Jboss. The problem seemed to be the change that was supposed to be done in as given in . the problem is that there seems to be a small typo here. The correct syntax is . /opt/jboss-4.0.2/bin/setAgentClasspath$ (that is a . and a space and /opt/jboss-4.0.2/bin/setAgentClasspath$ The Windows instructions are correct, but the Solaris and Linux instructions have an issue. There are no instructions for the OpenSSO ver 3.0 version, hence we did not try these. Also, the agent sample that gets shipped is written for Access Manager (the older version), needs to be changed to reflect the admin console of OpenSSO.

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