Posted by: cmani2010 | February 10, 2009

Sun OpenDS, Sun Directory Server EE – Features comparison

Just like my previous blogpost, on Glassfish ESB, Java CAPS, we also get asked by partners, customers on the differences and where to use, OpenDS or Sun DSEE. There is a good link, which is shown in an iFrame from the OpenDS web site:

Also, apart from the exhaustive list mentioned above, the following points are also worth noting:

  1. Sun DSEE is a old, well established product, used in almost all the large Fortune 500 companies across different verticals. OpenDS is a relatively new product, still in version 1.x, but has shaped up very well, and also has several customers who are using it.
  2. Sun DSEE is NOT open source, and is based on C/C++ code. Sun OpenDS is open source, and is written in Java. But, both are completely standards compliant.
  3. OpenDS, as of now, has only the Directory server. Sun DSEE is a suite of products, Directory server, AD sync, Directory proxy and Virtual Directory.
  4. Sun DSEE has a fantastic, admin console for central configuration and distribution.
  5. and much more ….

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