Posted by: cmani2010 | February 15, 2009

“Genpact Enhances Security, Compliance with IDM” – One of Sun’s Identity Manager customers in India

From ( :

Sun Identity Manager provides Genpact with role- and rules-based provisioning of policies for users, organizations, resources, roles, or services, which ensures that its security requirements are automatically enforced.

In addition, the Sun solution helps provide Genpact with the ability to easily review the status of access services at any time, which both improves audit performance and helps achieve compliance with governmental mandates.
“Sun Java System Identity Manager gives us an exceptional platform for managing identity profiles and permissions, which enhances our overall enterprise security while allowing us to reduce operation costs,” said Tom Sheffield, manager, identity & access management at Genpact.

“Sun’s Identity Management solution greatly reduces the time it takes to get users up and running productively, change user access privileges and to instantly and securely revoke accounts when their relationship with our company ends.”
Over the next 2 years, all IT access authorizations for the Genpact global workforce as well as 1700 contractors and partners, located across India, Mexico, US, Hungary, Romania and China, will be integrated into the system, which utilizes identity management technology provided by Sun Microsystems.

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