Posted by: cmani2010 | February 18, 2009

Exciting new releases in Glassfish, Glassfish Web Space Server ..

A little belated, but anyway 😉

  • Launch of the Glassfish portfolio : The Web stack based on Glassfish, is complete and has been launched. The portfolio consists of :
    1. GlassFish Enterprise Server: The fantastic Java EE compliant app server.
    2. GlassFish ESB: Lightweight and agile ESB platform, I have a comparison on the features between Java CAPS and ESB in one of my posts below.
    3. GlassFish Web Stack : is a complete LAMP/SAMP cross-platform portfolio of Web-tier technologies. Plugnplay, as per the customer needs.
    4. GlassFish Web Space Server: Our Portal service offering, in a new avatar. I love this, have been playing with this, since last Java One. Our customers in India, like the look and feel of this product.
  • Glassfish Enterprise manager – Similar to the MySQL model of advisors, we have released three great add-ons, for SNMP monitoring, Performance Advisor and Performance monitoring. These add-ons, come with the paid Glassfish enterprise server, hence more reasons to get a supported version, if you are using the free Glassfish server. The add-ons are available for download from, for customers with valid contracts. The Glassfish Aquarium has great blogs and articles on this release.
  • Sun web space server – The new portal server based on Liferay and the previous Sun portal server has been launched. The docs are available at and also the portal blog is alive with lots of posts and articles. Compliance to JSR 168, JSR 286, JSR 170, and WSRP 2.0, having an integrated Content management system, lots of web 2.0 gadgets, ease of installation/monitoring/administration, easy fitment with OpenSSO, TCO being highly competitive, the only “real” enterprise class open source portal server, are some of the great features, that I can see resonating with customers in India.

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