Posted by: cmani2010 | April 22, 2009

Connecting to a MySQL Master/Slave replication with JDBC and Glassfish

MySQL has been having a lot of traction with customers, partners and developers in India. A very popular architecture for using MySQL for large scale deployments is the MySQL Master/Slave replication (Replication enables data from one MySQL database server (called the master) to be replicated to one or more MySQL database servers (slaves)).
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One of things that change for developers, who are used to developing with other databases like Oracle, MS SQL server is the question on connecting to a MySQL master/Slave setup. There are several good resources which explain how to do this:
1. From MySQL web site: A snippet of the code from that article is reproduced below :

import java.sql.Connection;
import java.sql.ResultSet;
import java.util.Properties;
import com.mysql.jdbc.ReplicationDriver;
public class ReplicationDriverDemo {
public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
ReplicationDriver driver = new ReplicationDriver();
Properties props = new Properties();
// We want this for failover on the slaves
props.put("autoReconnect", "true");
// We want to load balance between the slaves
props.put("roundRobinLoadBalance", "true");
props.put("user", "foo");
props.put("password", "bar");
// Looks like a normal MySQL JDBC url, with a
// comma-separated list of hosts, the first
// being the 'master', the rest being any number
// of slaves that the driver will load balance against
Connection conn =
// Perform read/write work on the master
// by setting the read-only flag to "false"
conn.createStatement().executeUpdate("UPDATE some_table ....");
// Now, do a query from a slave, the driver automatically picks one
// from the list
ResultSet rs =
conn.createStatement().executeQuery("SELECT a,b FROM alt_table");

Note: Please refer to the mySQL web site for any updates.

2. If you are using Spring, Hibernate and other popular frameworks, an article at tells you how to do it.


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