Posted by: cmani2010 | June 4, 2009

Glassfish leads in open source application server adoption

A report by Ohloh on application server adoption in open source (commissioned by Sun is out) and has exciting news for Glassfish !! There is also a good summary at the Aquarium and John Clingan’s blog

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The Exec summary from the report:

Application Server Trends among Open Source Developers
Prepared for: Sun Microsystems
Prepared by: Jason Allen, Scott Collison and Robin Luckey

Abstract: Ohloh performed custom analyses against Ohloh’s directory of open source projects, specifically drilling into each project’s source code history to yield Java and Application Server metrics. While our open source coverage is comprehensive across the entire open source space, for this report we focused specifically on Java-based projects.

We have made a best-faith effort to have near 100% coverage of all Java-related open source projects.
Ohloh is unique in its ability to measure development activity directly from the primary source. Other reports in this vein rely upon data from voluntary survey responses, or upon secondary metrics such as product sales figures.

These and similar strategies are only broad indicators of the true underlying activity. In contrast, Ohloh tracks the individual changes to source code as they are made by developers, and thus observes the act of software development itself. Ohloh data is accurate to the minute, the developer and the individual line of code. There is no closer way to objectively measure how developers are spending their time.
Ohloh tracks development metrics for 38,359 open source projects. Of those, 14,450 contain some Java code. We track over 250,000 open source developers, 32,866 have authored Java code and over 16,000 have provided
geographic information. These metrics are collected from over 3,500 forges.

Ohloh performed a custom data analysis to determine the adoption of application servers among open source
developers. Key findings in this report are:

  • Of Java projects that target Java EE, GlassFish is the leading application server with just over 50% of projects targeting GlassFish (note that projects can target multiple application servers). Project adoption is a indicator of past and present health of an application server among open source developers.
  • Of Java new project starts that target Java EE, GlassFish is the leading application server for new project starts with 73% of all Java EE projects. Project starts is a leading indicator that is a reliable predictor of future market success.

GlassFish has gone from being a market lagging application server among open source developers in 2004 to
becoming the market leading application server among open source developers today. GlassFish is well-positioned for future dominance in the market place with a very commanding position among new projects coming on line today. With that said the overall growth of Java development among open source developers is flat.

DELIVERABLES: This summary highlights the findings and includes backing information about what the data means and how it was gathered. Included with this document is a spreadsheet of the raw metrics.


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