Posted by: cmani2010 | June 17, 2009

Glassfish ESB v2.1 released and Sun Open Suite for SWIFT Solution

Glassfish ESB v2.1 has been released !! The key features of this release are:

  1. Support for GlassFish clustering in all components
  2. Intelligent Event Processor (IEP) Service Engine – Available in v 2.1 with Platinum level support. Enables complex event processing (CEP) and event stream processing (ESP) using the Continuous Query Language (CQL)
  3. New Systems Support: NetBeans IDE 6.5, GlassFish Enterprise Server 2.1, OpenSolaris 2008.11, Red Hat Linux AS 5 (32 and 64 bit) and IBM AIX 5L 5.3 (OS: 64 bit; JVM: 32 bit) (runtime support only) and lots more

You can download the software at the OpenESB website or the Sun download website. Congratulations to the Glassfish ESB team on this release.

Sun Open Suite for SWIFT Solution – Alliance Integrator Upgrade Program

About Alliance Integrator :
Integrator is a SWIFT-specific integration layer designed to help firms integrate business
applications with SWIFT. Licensed as an add-on to Alliance Access, this application
integration framework is designed and built for SWIFT users by SWIFT, and is sold,
supported, and maintained by SWIFT as well.
Integrator has been built using Sun’s Java™ CAPS Financial EAI software, which includes :
GlassFish™ Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
re information about Alliance Integrator, please contact SWIFT.

The Sun Open Suite for SWIFT Solution
The Sun Open Suite for SWIFT solution demonstrates Sun’s experience in the SWIFT
area, and comprises the following products, all of which have been optimised to
work together with the SWIFT network and the Alliance product line.

  1. GlassFish™ Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
  2. Sun Identity management Suite
  3. Sun Solaris
  4. Sun Cluster
  5. Sun SPARC and Intel systems

The Open Suite for SWIFT solution provides companies with a complete SWIFTNet access
infrastructure and just one contact for support, lowering project risk and cost.

Sun’s Alliance Integrator Upgrade Program
Sun’s Alliance Integrator Upgrade Program offers a smooth, risk-free way for Integrator
customers and partners to complement Integrator’s rich functionalities with the
openness of Sun’s GlassFish ESB software.

Contact me or Sun, if you need more information or a demo on how this works. Please download the white paper, which has more details about the Sun Alliance Integrator upgrade program.


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