Posted by: cmani2010 | June 25, 2009

Birthday and a little bit of tech ….

It’s my birthday today, got a of calls/emails/twitters/sms’s (the variety of technologies seem to be increasing every year) today. Many thanks to all of you, who wished me. Its been fruitful year, both professionally and personally !! I am looking forward to this year, lots of momentous changes (hint: the Sun-Oracle thing) seem to be in store this year.

I could not resist commenting on one thing. I go to a restaurant, which is part of a chain of restaurants. On my birthday, I get no less than 10-12 emails from the same group, and the same email from them.

The email format is like this:

date	Thu, Jun 25, 2009 at 3:17 PM
subject	Happy Birthday!
Dear Mani,
We at the ABC Group would like to wish you in advance a very Happy Birthday!
To make this day more special for you, we invite you to celebrate your Birthday at
any of the ABC outlets listed below...
Do call to make your booking with our customer relations executive on 4111xxxx/4111xxxx.
(Office hours - 10am to 5pm), who will arrange your table at any of the ABC outlets.
Vice President (Operations)

My email id is the same, the names are a little different. Its sometimes, mani, manikandan, mani chandra etc etc. This is precisely, one of things, where a product like Project Mural , can be a good fit, with its Master data management and ETL capabilities. I hope to send an unsolicited solution document to them shortly 😉


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