Posted by: cmani2010 | July 28, 2009

TOGAF 8 Certified Enterprise Architect

Just got the news, that I have cleared the requirements to become “The Open group – TOGAF (The Open group Architecture Framework) Certified Architect”.

While, I am also a Sun Certified Enterprise Architect SCEA for Java EE 5, there were some significant differences between SCEA and TOGAF, in my view. SCEA is more focussed around technology and is Java and Java EE focussed, is certainly more intensive and multi step (you need to do a online quiz, assignment and an essay). TOGAF is more centred around Enterprise architecture, not just technology architecture and is also technology agnostic. I would say, there is a significant amount of learning and unlearning, to become a TOGAF practiioner. But, I am very happy today to be a part of the large family of TOGAF certified people. We can all talk in the same vocabulary and lingo 😉



  1. Congratulations! One special cup of coffee for this:-)

  2. Congrats

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